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Run for Impact '23 is designed to raise awareness and funds to empower individuals in the East Colfax neighborhood to become personally and economically sufficient. We rely on teams led by our phenomenal staff to raise these funds to help sustain our programs. It is a wonderful event of community involvement, empowerment and FUN! To sign up to be on a team, visit If you represent an organization, please ask us for a sponsorship sheet for details. Personal contributions can be also made at (and select Current Fundraiser) with a note indicating the team you select (be sure to comment who invited you). All donations are tax-deductible.

                                              English Classes field trip and farewell party!                                 

After a quick trip to a local coffee shop, several of the English students (both past and present) recently enjoyed a field trip to the Denver Zoo.  We had a great time watching the sea lions do their trick show, waiting for the snapping turtle to catch a fish in their mouth, and learning about all the various animals and their English names!  Mostly, the students loved talking with each other and getting to know each other better.  

Last week was our "End of the school year" party and we enjoyed a wide variety of ethnic foods that all the students brought, along with an amazing cake made by one of our students who has developed her own cake decorating business!

This party was also a "farewell" to Angie Long, the English Classes Director, as she is transitioning to a new job in June with OMF International.  The students brought sweet and thoughtful gifts and took lots of pictures with Angie (who definitely plans to return for the seasonal English parties in the future). Laughter and joy and hugs are all signs the English students have developed community with each other and with their teachers.


                                            Impact 23 Recap

by Mary Tellis, Executive Director

Thank you for being a part of ROP's Impact story on Sunday, May 7. Your presence at the event was a delight and we're so grateful that you joined us. The event keeps playing over in my head as I reflect on the many special elements of the evening. I experienced God in an impactful way and the hard work of planning was worth it all. We hope that you enjoyed it, too!

It was my honor to acknowledge the board, staff, and volunteers who show up to meet needs, build relationships, and restore lives through Christ in our East Colfax community. I pray the history of ROP, the testimonials from participants, and hearing how God continues to show up and provide needs to meet the mission of ROP resonated deeply with you. The lovely banner that contained hand prints of kids from our SELAH ministry who have "decided to follow Jesus" was a beautiful depiction of the generational transformation that ROP is blessed to be part of in the East Colfax Community.

More than 150 guests from various ethnicities, cultures, and several countries gathered under one roof at Colorado Community Church, where we were blessed to raise $57K to help support the programs and the mission of ROP.

We extend our deepest appreciation for being part of this incredible community.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:6

Meeting needs, building relationships and restoring lives through Christ in our East Colfax community.